Cubes rule! The TimeCube Cubes rule!

By The MegaTeam

What follows is an interview with a man who calls himself The Wisest Human . He has introduced humanity to the glory of Nature's Harmonic TimeCube. You don't understand? Neither does anyone else. Take a few minutes to browse his site .

Gene Ray, "discoverer" of the TimeCube, gives us, the storage house for his divine wisdom. In fact, he's so wise, that whenever he says something that he thinks is particularly clever, he puts it in the form of a memorable quotation and signs it "Gene Ray."

Demonstrating my immeasurable bravery, I decided to get into the head of this "Cubic" and find out exactly what the hell he's talking about. The interview follows, along with commentary by the MegaTeam.

Question 1:

JB3: Could you explain to us, the general public, what you know about the TimeCube idea, and how it affects us? (Please be as concise as possible)

GR:After 30 years of evaluating Nature's Harmonic Time Cube Creation Principle, I feel that I know most all of its values. One difference to humans is that you can know the Truth rather than live the lies taught by stupid and evil academic and religious leaders that will destroy humanity. The Time Cube can save humanity whereas the bible has already claimed that its armageddon will destroy humanity. Stupid and evil believers support that claim with their plunder of all natural resources that children will need during their lifetimes.
MoJo: That must suck to spend 30 years making something up, and still only understanding "most all of its values"
JB3: His main problem with the Bible seems to be that it declares an end to the world at one point. That's interesting, but it's only a real concern if you assume the Bible is the truth anyway.

Question 2:

Four Days

JB3: Why is it important to acknowledge that the day should be divided into four days instead of just one? Does your division scheme change anything about our day to day lives?

GR: That is a stupid question. I never said that 1 day would be divided into 4 days. What I said was that Earth has 4 differently configured Time points as in midnight, sunup, midday and sundown simultaneously and that each of those Time points (or corners) rotate simultaneously to 24 hours each during a single 24 hour rotation of Earth. Those 4 separate Time point rotations equate to 4-simultaneous 24 hour days within a single 24 hour rotation of Earth. The 4 different day configurations equate 1-2-3-4, 2-3-4-1, 3-4-1-2 and 4-1-2-3. No 1-corner human or human like god can occupy or experience more than a single corner of a single corner day at the same Time during a 4-corner rotation. Humans are brainwashed and indoctrinated to be stupid and evil and cannot comprehend the 4-corner stages of human metamorphosis as in a baby life corner, a child life corner, a parent life corner and a grandparent life corner.

A mother and baby are the same age. There is no mother until the baby is born. A 1-day old baby has a 1-day old mother. It is a new life experience for both of them. Mother and baby are created on opposite corners of the family Cube - baby, child, parent and grandparent.

Acknowledgement of the Time Cube could change human lives in the way they live. Primarily it would indict the mixing of races as stupid, evil and inflict an armageddon upon our children. Mixing human colors is as voiatile as mixing the colors of midday and midnight. When natural resources are depleted, there will be a hell on Earth - leaving the children with the armageddon created barren Earth.
JB3: I don't understand why he limits it to a cube. Why not a dodecahedron or pyramid? Since the Earth is clearly round, it can be divided into an infinite number of smaller shapes.
Felix: It's kinda insightful what he has to say about mothers and children being the same age. A woman doesn't start being a mother until the baby is born.
MoJo: Once in high school I accidentally snuck into bed with my girlfriend's mom when I was trying to suprise my girl. That bitch wasn't the same age.
JB3: Maybe it's a little insightful, but it doesn't make any sense to decide things about the earth as a rock in space based on human life stages. For example, I could take some beer and say that it has three stages: In the fridge, open, and gone. Does that mean the earth is triangular? Of course not. They're totally unrelated.
MoJo: I met her dad right after that. He wasn't the same age, either.

Question 3:

JB3: Isn't it true that all time measurements are arbitrary anyway? The earth goes around the sun once, and we call that one year, but you call that four years. What difference does it make, since they're both just labels invented by people?

GR: Human labels are counterfeit and fictitious. Words were initially created represent values to serve public barter. Words equate to a Trojan Horse today. Invented Word can be applied to imply that god is actually a name for satan. A single god should be referred to as "Our God", not my god which implies to 6 billion "Self Gods". Actually no god can encompass the creative values of the Time Cube's opposite corner rotational values.

The Earth axis tilt equates to an imperfection which creates seasons by which life exists. Actually, human life exists by 4-life seasons as in baby, child, parent and grandparent - which stupid and evil humans do not recognize. The Earth sphere rotates 4- seasons as it rotates around the Sun, creating 4 simultaneous years ( each season has its own year). Now if you sum up the Earth axis tilt of those 4 simultaneous years of Earth's rotation around the Sun and get their average, you will discover a perfectly vertical Earth axis that equates to the perfection of death. Life equates to death divided by a 4x4 rotation.
JB3: Of course the tilt of the Earth averages to zero-- anything that shifts periodically does. Like a pendulum or the position of the hands on a clock.
MoJo: Four simultaneous years? Just because it's spring for some people and fall for others doesn't mean that four years happen to the Earth at once.
JB3: Right! Like what happens at the South Pole, or to someone who continuously travels to wherever it's summer?
MoJo: Even worse-- what happens to someone who lives on the exact line between two of Ray's quadrants?
JB3: They probably explode.
MoJo: Yeah probably.

Question 4:

JB3:I see that the beginning of your page advises us all to burn and throw our Bibles away in order to cleanse their lies from our mind. However, above one of the diagrams on your main page involving equators, you tell us that "Revelations 7.1 Recognizes Four Earth Corners." Does this mean that we should tear and burn all the parts of our Bibles except Revelations 7:1?

GR:Tear and burn the whole bible. My reference to Revelation 7:1 was for the purpose of responding to those who claim that Earth does not have 4-corners. Humans should not teach by counterfeit and fictitious word, but by example - as in "mores".
JB3: But if the Bible is a lie, why would you use it for any purpose?
MoJo: Who cares? More importantly, what the hell are "mores"?
Felix: Maybe he means S'mores!
MoJo: S'mores are good.
Felix: Yeah.

Question 5:


JB3:In that same diagram about equators [above], the middle figure shows the earth with three equators and four corners. I notice that you have drawn corners along the middle of the sphere where two of the equators meet, but none at the North and South poles where other equators meet. Why not?

GR:Travel from pole to pole in zero Time. Time is not vertical, but of a 4-corner rotational principle. No Time occurs during vertical travel except for the horizonal rotational Time that occurs while traveling north and south. Earth rotates in 4 differently configured directions at the same Time - toward midnight, toward sunup, toward midday and toward sundown.

The Solar system, the Earth sphere, the Cube and even your human body has a top and bottom, a front and back, and 2 sides. Your 4-corner head has only a 1-corner face - proving you to be only 1/4 or 1-corner of the character that you were erroneously taught to believe you are during a 4-rotating corner lifetime. Earth spins on its axis at its top and bottom points. In a 4-corner 4 wall Cube like room, you move about the 4 corners and 4 walls between the top and bottom, ceiling and floor or 2 pole parameters.
JB3: So I guess he doesn't count the poles as corners because the Earth rotates around them, and not through.
MoJo: I dunno, but that first sentence sounds like an advertisement for really fast roller skates, or maybe a go-kart: "Amaze your friends! Travel from pole to pole in zero time!"

Question 6:


JB3:In your "Confirmation" diagram [above], you list Socrates, Einstein, Jesus, and "Clinton's." Please elaborate on which "Clinton's" you mean.

GR:Those 4 names are actually fictitious and was an error as people pay more attention to the names than to the principle of the 4x4 rotation. Think of those names as animals or some other 4 references.
MoJo:Cop ooouuut!
JB3: Seriously. He's obviously just embarassed by whoever he means by it. I think he means Bill Clinton, and maybe Hillary.
Felix: Maybe he's telling the truth.
JB3: Nah-- he would have at least said who he meant if he didn't care about the names.

Question 7:

JB3: Could you please tell us more about the Death Threat you talk about on your page? The link doesn't seem to work. (Note: It appears that Mr. Ray has removed the "Death Threat" section of his page.)

GR:The death threat was most likely a fake one. I should have inserted his e-mail with with his threat.
JB3: He should have forwarded me the Email containing the death threat!
MoJo: Gee, I wonder why he took off the "Death Threat" section right after you asked him about it.

Question 8:

JB3: Could you tell us how you learned about the TimeCube, and how the idea came to you in the first place?

GR:Particular events which I evaluated and their progression. The Time Cube, Life Cube and Truth Cube exists in Nature right before your eyes, but academic/religious brainwashinf and indoctrination blinds your ability to see it. Academic/religious teachings equate to a 1-corner creation principle compared to the 4x4 rotation creation principle of Nature. One might say that humans are educated to be stupid and evil - and since ignorance is bliss, they refuse to seek the Truth that can save humanity.
MoJo: Sounds impressive... "they refuse to seek the Truth that can save humanity."
JB3: I don't see why we need the TimeCube to save us when we have Bruce Willis.

Question 9:

JB3: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

GR:Being nearly 74, I am tired and need others to share this divine burden. Nature's Harmonic Time Cube Creation Principle is the greatest social and scientific discovery of humanity. The Time Cube needs public debate and Media dissemination. Both are forbidden for fear of ineffable Truth.
Felix: This makes me feel kinda sorry for him. He's an old man.
JB3: But he says he's been working on this Time Cube shit for 30 years-- he wasn't so old when he first went crazy.
MoJo: He says "I need others to share this divine burden" which probably means he's the only person who believes in it.
JB3: I wonder what it is about some crazy pseudo-religious ideas that cause them to draw thousands of followers while others go no farther than the imagination of one lonely man.
MoJo: Maybe if he added the Orgy-Cube or something to his doctrine, it would be more popular.
JB3: Maybe that's seriously it-- his beliefs are technical and scientific in nature, however faulty. He doesn't put out any commandments-- no rules to live by.
Felix: At the beginning of his Email to you, he wrote, "I need someone to help write a book. Know anyone available?" I hope he finds somebody.
MoJo: Why?
Felix: Because all ideas, even ones that we think are insane, need to be freely distributed, and available to all people. Without freedom of ideas, intellectual progress is never made.
JB3: Maybe you're right, but his ideas have been freely available to the world via the Internet for years. If the public were interested, it would have already taken action to add them to the collective knowledge of humanity. It's like the guy who invented N-rays. He was totally wrong, and after the exposure of his hoax, everybody stopped listening to him.
MoJo: Besides, why can't he write his own book? Books don't require any graphic design skill like the Web does. I'm sure he'd be better at book-writing, judging by the headache his page gave me.
JB3: That wraps it up. Felix, file the TimeCube in the Archives of Insanity.
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