Evil on the Internet

The internet is an evil place. Anyone with a stupid idea, bad artistic sense, and knowledge of a few swear words can voice their opinion free of charge to anyone stupid enough to actually go to their page. It boggles the mind to imagine where people found pictures of random ugly people and bad poetry before the Web.

There are those, however, who rise above this stupidity and reveal the true evil of the Internet. These are the people I salute below.

The Portal of Evil is a great place on the Web to find anything on the 'net of the evil persuasion. The Evil of Fat Chicks in Party Hats and seanbaby.com in particular are quite impressive.
Fat Chicks in Party Hats, a great place for those of us who like to make fun of fat people, are afraid of midgets with whips and chains, or just want to see a fucking huge bikini.

Go here to read what Batman, panties, and twinkies have in common. Seanbaby.com is probably the only place on the web you can go to read about panda pornography and to see Christians get made fun of next to pictures of large breasts.

The Onion. America's Finest News Source.
[The Onion]
Visit The Onion to read headlines like "Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeroes", "Christ Converts To Islam", and "World Death Rate Holding Steady At 100 Percent"

Fade to Black:"Leading the world to higher consciousness through mockery and cheap publicity stunts."
Fade to Black. I don't know what to say about it. Go here to get your free @godisdead.com Email address.

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